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Decoupler Release
Our train decoupler is out!
With the decoupler you can remotely uncouple cars of your LEGO® trains. It has an integrated servo motor and magnetic sensor to detect the train couplings. Check out the video below to see how it works or click on the More Info button to go to our website for detailed information.

4DBrix Decoupler for LEGO® Trains

More Info

Control Buttons
We're getting close to releasing our control buttons for LEGO® train layouts! If you're interested in our control buttons, you can let us know which buttons you need to build your control system. There's no purchase obligation, we'll just let you know when they are available. Your feedback will also help us to get an idea of the initial production volume.

The system has been redesigned based on the feedback we received:
  • The main question we received was: How many buttons can be connected to the power brick? That's tricky because it depends on what you want to do with the control buttons. We redesigned the power brick so that it provides feedback on the power consumption. It will warn you when you have to stop adding additional control buttons.
  • Integration of the control buttons with nControl was another recurring request. The connectors between the control buttons now have 5 instead of 3 pins. These additional pins allow the buttons to communicate with the upcoming WiFi brick. The WiFi brick can connect with the MQTT server in nControl and provide bi-directional communication between the control buttons and computer.
  • The processor in the control buttons can now be removed. This will make it possible to upgrade, reprogram or customize the firmware of the buttons.
  • The PF connectors on the power brick have been removed. Adding PF connector doesn't make much sense anymore as LEGO® is switching to the new PU system. The power brick does provide 9V power to the control buttons, as such the system is ready to be extended with buttons for controlling PF and PU motors.
4DBrix 3D Printed LEGO Accessories nControl 2019.0
nControl 2019.0 is now available!

It supports the new decoupler. I also provides a number of new or improved features to other tiles. You can find an overview of the features of nControl 2019.0 on our website.

We finally managed to move to our new business unit! We also expanded our team. We're now ready to increase production and reduce processing time for your orders. We'll also have more time available to develop and release new products, expand the software, add additional automation tutorials to our website... and keep you informed on the progress we're making.

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