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WiFi Train Controller
Our WiFi train controller is out!
With this controller you can fully integrate your trains into the layout automation and make them interact with traffic lights, switch motors, sensors, etc. If you can imagine it, you can build it!
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The train controller is designed for PF trains. It connects to a PF battery box with the integrated cable and has a receptacle for a PF train motor. The system is designed to use multiple train controllers simultaneously - there is no practical limit on the number of train controllers that can be used.
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Boom Barrier Motors
We released our new boom barrier servo motors. These small servo motors make it easy to add fully functional boom barriers to your train layout. They can be controlled with our Quad Switch Controllers or Starter Controllers. The boom barrier motors come in a set of 2 with a Y-split cable so you can connect both motors to same controller port.

4DBrix 3D Printed LEGO Accessories PF-for-Arduino Controller
We also released our first general robotics bricks. The PF-for-Arduino® brick allows easy control of LEGO® PF motors with Arduino type boards. The controller supports:
  • Power functions M-motor
  • Power functions L-motor
  • Power functions XL-motor
  • Power functions train motor
  • Power functions servo motor

Studded PF Battery Box
This is an idea from a 4DBrix user. He asked us whether it would be possible to make a studded base for the PF battery boxes. This makes it easier to integrate the battery boxes into custom 4 stud wide trains. We liked the idea so much that we started working on it straight away. The studded battery box is now available!

4DBrix 3D Printed LEGO Accessories 4DBrix
We've had a busy year so far. As some of you might have noticed, we've been struggling to keep up with orders. We apologize for the extended processing time and are working hard to resolve this. We have secured a new location for our business which will allow us to expand the team and the production capacity. This should not only speed up delivery, it will also give us more time to develop all those products on our long to-do list.
We're also working on increasing the stock in our European store. The 4 new products we just released will become available in our European store in the coming days. The shipment with the first batch is currently on its way to Belgium.
As always, many thanks for your support and feedback!

Python™ Programming Course
Would you like to automate your train layout but programming intimidates you? We've got you covered!
We created a short hands-on Python™ programming course to get you kickstared. Each topic is explained using a layout automation scenario and illustrated with short movies showing you how to reproduce the example in nControl. You can run the examples in simulation mode if you don't have the automation components.

The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.
Albert Einstein

We are a micro business of AFOLs / 3D printing / Robotics professionals dedicated to serving the AFOL community. We develop solutions for automation and we offer a free software to fully control train and monorail layouts, we create custom parts and accessories for MOCs, we bring back parts that LEGO® no longer makes.
Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions, product suggestions or comments you may have. We're a community driven company, so your feedback is welcome!

LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse our products.
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