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4DBrix Modular System
Modular Switch Track and Railyard System available for pre-order
Thanks again to all our backers for supporting us on Kickstarter! We have made 11 different parts that work together in a modular way to make a variety of switches and railyards, as well as a bumper track. We are still busy fulfilling pledges, we are now half way. We will ship pre-orders straight after.
In the meantime, we have been working on our next Kickstarter project which we will launch in the coming weeks, stay tuned!

Automation as easy as 1-2-3
1 - plug in your 4DBrix controllers, motors, traffic lichts or train detection sensors
2 - open nControl software (available for free here)
3 - automate!
You can control your layout by clicking on the tiles on your screen. If you feel a bit more experimental you can add intelligence to your layout with one of our demo scripts or your own code. And if you're an Arduino expert you can also use your own DIY controller!
Quad Switch Controller and Train Switch Motors
The quad switch controller 2.01.001 can power and control up to 4 track switch motors left or right. It connects to a computer with a USB cable. Our motors are fully compatible with the LEGO RC/PF and 9V switches.
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Quad Sensor Controller and Train Detection Sensors
Control up to 4 train detection sensors with controller 2.01.003. The sensor detects passing trains and is not disturbed by background motion. It works both during day and night.
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Quad Light Controller and Traffic Lights
Use controller 2.01.005 in combination with up to 107 other ones. The train traffic lights have two ultra bright while LEDs. You can customize the color of the lights by adding transparent LEGO® bricks.
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Quad Switch Controller and Monorail Motors
The same quad controller 2.01.001 but in classic light gray to match. Fully compatible with both train and monorail servo motors. Brackets are available to mount on monorail switches.
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Starter Set for Train
The Starter Controller 2.01.004 is the ideal controller to begin automating your layout. It allows you to power and control two track switch motors, one train traffic light and one train detection sensor.
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Starter Set for Monorail
Same controller 2.01.004 as for the train starter set but in light gray to match. Motorize monoswitches, directional switches and 4DBrix™ cross switches with servo motors, automate with the light and sensor.
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Brick Tsar Review
Focuses on how to get the system up and running
DunksterBricks Review
DunksterBricks shows what it looks like in a real layout
4DBrix 3D Printed LEGO Accessories Customer Corner
We are in awe of BrikLoco's MOCs. We are proud to have had a little part in it as we have developed the round nose base for his creations.

"After 30 years, it's exciting to see the resurgence of the LEGO Monorail (...) it’s 4DBrix Monorail Extension Cars that have piqued my interest. Originally LEGO monorails where limited to just two cars, but with 4DBrix Extension Cars you can make endless monorails. I've purchased a number of cars, especially the new Round 20-Stud Monorail/Train Base, as it’s a great chassis to build my Vintage Streamline Trains. 4DBrix also offers Motor Covers with extra studs and in more colors than LEGO." BrickLoco

Those awesome models and many more (we feature some of them with our rounded base, extension cars and motor covers in our shop) are for sale, contact

Newest Monorail Products
Monorail Train Base Rounded 20 studs
Build you own custom train base with rounded end to replace the Monorail train base. It fits either at the front or back of the train. The bogey with two pairs of wheels is mounted on low-friction stainless steel axles.
Short Diagonal
The short diagonal complements the long diagonal for 45 degree turns. The short is especially useful to create more space between a switch and a curve. Like all monorail tracks, available in classic light gray, black and white.
The new stanchion concept can lift your monorail tracks to new heights! Each part is 5 bricks high and you can stack them up to 20 bricks (for now :-). Lock them into place at the bottom for a stable build. Available soon in our store.
More Monorail
You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.

We are a micro business of AFOLs / 3D printing / Robotics professionals dedicated to serving the AFOL community. We develop solutions for automation and we offer a free software to fully control train and monorail layouts, we create custom parts and accessories for MOCs, we bring back parts that LEGO® no longer makes, .
Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions, product suggestions or comments you may have. We're a community driven company, so your feedback is welcome!

LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse our products.
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