Control Buttons
We're getting close to releasing our control buttons for LEGO® train layouts!

If you're interested in our control buttons, you can let us know which buttons you need to build your control system. There's no purchase obligation, we'll just let you know when they are available. Your feedback will also help us to get an idea of the initial production volume.

Thank you.

Servo motor control button

The servo motor control buttons can be used with our track switch motors, boom barrier motors, decoupler, monorail switch motors, monorail cross switch motor.

Servo control button target price: $25

Traffic light control button

The traffic light control buttons can be used with our train traffic lights and the upcoming level crossing lights.

Traffic light control button target price: $25

Power brick

The power brick powers your control buttons. It needs to be connected to a wall outlet with a 9V - 2A power adapter; the adapter needs to have a 5.5mm x 2.1mm jack to connect to the power brick. We will provide adapters with US, EU, UK and AU plugs; select the one you need or select "no power adapter" if you plan to use your own.

Power brick target price: $20
Power adapter target price: $8
Power Adapter: