New 4DBrix™ Releases
Control Buttons
Released October 4, 2019
Our control buttons are out! They allow you to build a control panel for your LEGO® train layout.

R56 Switches
Released September 4, 2019
We've extended our range of train tracks with left- and right-turn R56 switches.
Level Crossing Automation Set
Released August 4, 2019
We now have a level crossing automation set that has everything you need to automate your level crossings. You can use it in combination with our nControl™ automation software or you can use it stand alone, meaning you don't need a computer, you just needs to power the USB controller.
Curved Switches
Released June 4, 2019
We created a new curved diverging track. With this track you can build switches that fit into standard R40 curves. You can also use them to build curved single crossovers. Click on the image below for additional information.
Wye Switch
Released June 4, 2019
We already had a wye switch but it was only available with the ground throw on the right-hand side. We now have a wye switch with the ground throw on the left-hand side as well. We only changed the split track, the diverging track is the same for both the left-hand and right-hand variant.
Triple Crossover
Released May 4, 2019
Switch trains between three parallel tracks with our new triple crossover.
Double Crossover - Inside
Released May 4, 2019
A compact double crossover with 4 indepedent switches.
Train Decoupler
Released April 4, 2019
The train decoupler is out!
Monorail Tile Ramp
Released August 4, 2018
Our monorail tiles our out! With these tiles you can integrate your monorail track into pavements.
Monorail Tile Ramp
Released August 4, 2018
With this ramp you can connect our monorail tiles to standard monorail tracks.
4 Stud Long Straight Monorail Tracks
Released August 4, 2018
This was a request of a 4DBrix user who needed to fine-tune the position of some segements in his monorail layout.
AAA Battery Holder
Released August 4, 2018
This AAA battery holder helps you to organize your LEGO® train batteries. It's fully anti-studded so you can mount it to base plates.
WiFi Train Controller
Released July 4, 2018
This controller allows you to pilot your LEGO® PF trains with our nControl software or with a DIY application using MQTT messages.
Boom Barrier Motor Set
Released July 4, 2018
This motor set makes it easy to add fully functional boom barriers to your train layout.
Released July 4, 2018
The PF-for-Arduino® provides easy control of LEGO® PF motors with Arduino type boards.
Studded PF Battery Box Base
Released July 4, 2018
This studded PF battery box base makes it easier to create 4 stud wide custom LEGO® trains.