Becoming a 4DBrix™ Member
Becoming a member gives you access to all the advanced features on the website and in the nControl™ software.
It's also a great way to support the 4DBrix™ project.

You can get a 4DBrix membership for $12 a year.
Membership status will give you:

  • Access to the latest 3D print models
  • Unlimited train control skins in nControl™
  • Unlimited membership firmware flashing in nControl™
  • Unlimited PU controllers and SBrick controllers in nControl™
  • No popups when downloading models
  • A more prominent voice on new features, new products, etc.
Using the License Store
Memberships purchased through the license store are activated automatically; so you can access the membership features immediately.

This process requires to be logged in into your 4DBrix™ account and go through the checkout process.

Using a Simple Purchase
Alternatively, you can get a membership with a simple PayPal payment. This is an easier process then going through the license store but memberships acquired this way require a manual activation step from our side. We try to do this within 24 hours after purchase. If you prefer immediate access to the membership features, please purchase your membership through the license store.