New Releases!
by Lowa on July 4, 2018

We just released 4 new exciting products!

WiFi Train Controller
Boom Barrier Motor Set
PF-for-Arduino Controller
Studded PF Battery Box Base

These products are now available in our US/International online store. A first batch of these new bricks is on their way to Europe and are expected to arrive later this week. Once arrived, they will immediately become available in our European store.

The PF-for-Arduino controller is the first product in our new Robotics product range.

To make is easier to find our latest products, we added the 'New ' category to our online store.
We also added a New Releases item to the News menu of our website.

Based on the name of our company, we have decided to release our new Brix on the 4th Day of the month. That should make it easy to remember when you can check our website to see if we released something new. If all goes well, we'll be back August 4 with new products!

We also released version 2018.1 of nControl today:
  • the code editor has been upgraded with color coding
  • a notification center has been added to keep you up-to-date with the new developments
  • all the controller related items have been moved to a new controller menu
  • you can now export your track layout as an .png or .svg image
  • various other of small upgrades, modifications and fixes