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New Releases!
by Lowa on August 4, 2018

This release is for our monorail fans!

Monorail Track Tile
Monorail Tile Ramp
4 Stud Long Straight Monorail Track
AAA Battery Holder

These products are now available in our US/International online store. They will become available in our European store later this month.

We finally managed to finalize the monorail tile track system! We currently have two track types:
  • monorail track tiles: these tracks are one tile thick and can be used to integrate a monorail layout into a pavement.
  • monorail tile ramps: these ramps let you connect the track tiles to standard monorail tracks.
We also finalized a user request: a 4 stud long monorail track. It lets you fine-tune the position of certain segments in your monorail layout.

And finally our AAA battery holder. It's a handy little gadget especially if you go crazy (like I do...) from having your AAA batteries rolling all over the place...

We also released an update of nControl 2018.1 a few days ago: Build 801.1 It provides a number of fixes for the train controller and web interfaces.