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4DBrix 3D Printed LEGO Accessories
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4DBrix nControl LEGO train and monorail track planner and layout control software
4DBrix 3D Printed LEGO Accessories Design, manage your inventory and even simulate your layout
The BETA version of nControl has a track planner for both LEGO® trains and monorail. The inventory can immediatly tell you if you have enough tracks to build your layout. It also has a simulation mode that allows you to explore the capabilities of our upcoming automation products on your own layout. The simulation mode of this version provides tiles for track switch automation, train traffic lights and sound effects.
nControl is free! Help us improve this first BETA release by reporting any unexpected behavior or other issues. All suggestions for improvements and extra features are welcome too.
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4DBrix 3D Printed LEGO Accessories nControl Automation Tiles
Tile to control motorized LEGO switch
Train Track Switches
This tile allows you to control train track switch motors. You can already use them in simulation mode and see the switches in your layout flip on your screen.
Tile to control LEGO train traffic light
Train Traffic Lights
The traffic light tile changes the light between red and green. You can also add two additional buttons to switch the light off or to make the light flashing.
Tile to add sound effects to LEGO train layout
Sound Effects
Sound tiles allow you to add sound effects by playing mp3 files from nControl. nControl comes with a few sound effects but you can also upload your own custom sound files.
4DBrix 3D Printed LEGO Accessories
Under Development: Monorail Switch Automation Bracket
Our next big challenge is full automation of both LEGO® train and monorail layouts. We developed a bracket that can be mounted on the monorail switches and makes it possible to mount a servo motor on the switch.

4DBrix LEGO 3D printed monorail Newest Monorail Products
Additional Color Options
You asked, we deliver! We have two new motor cover color options to create the perfect monorail train MOC: light gray and white. Combine them with the white or black monorail tracks for a variety of scenes - maybe a Winter scene?
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Custom Ramp Extension
Ramp up your display in an elegant and smooth way. Reach new heights in a straight line, extending the ramp 32 studs in length / 1 stanchion in height with the long ramp extension or 16 studs in length / a half stanchion in height with the short ramp extension.
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4DBrix 3D Printed LEGO Accessories The European Store is Open!
European customers can now shop in the 4DBrix Europe store on BrickLink. Our distributor will ship directly to you - no need to worry about customs, import taxes or high shipping fees!

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We are a micro business of AFOLs / 3D printing / Robotics professionals dedicated to serving the AFOL community. We create custom accessories for MOCs, we bring back parts that LEGO® no longer makes and we develop solutions for automation (coming soon!).
Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions, product suggestions or comments you may have. We're a community driven company, so your feedback is welcome!
LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse our products.
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