United States
American customers can go to our online stores:
  • bricklink: our bricklink store offers 4DBrix™ products on a brick-by-brick basis and allows you to create your own custom brick set. On bricklink we offer free shipping on all order above $39!
  • ebay: our ebay store sells 4DBrix™ sets. All sets come with free shipping!

Our European distributor has a bricklink store. This gives you access to our 4DBrix™ products without having to deal with customs and import taxes. Prices in EURO include US-EU shipping, EU import tax, VAT tax and handling fees. You only have to add the local European shipping from our distributor, who is located in Belgium.

The European 4DBrix™ store serves the following countries:
 Austria  Belgium  Bulgaria  Croatia  Cyprus
 Czech Republic  Denmark  Estonia  Finland  France
 Germany  Greece  Hungary  Iceland  Ireland
 Italy  Latvia  Lichtenstein  Lithuania  Luxemburg
 Malta  Netherlands  Norway  Poland  Portugal
 Romania  Slovakia  Slovenia  Spain  Sweden
 Switzerland  United Kingdom

4DBrix is a micro business and at this moment it's not feasible to have a large stock of products in Europe. Please let us know if you're intrested in a product that is not (yet) available in Europe or not available in a sufficient quantity. You can pre-order: let us know what you want and we will make sure it's on the next shipment to Europe. Once the products have arrived in Europe you will be informed and you can buy it as a custom order in the European Bricklink store. There is no fee and no purchase obligation when you pre-order.

If you have any additional questions concerning our European store, don't hesitate to contact us.

International customers can purchase 4DBrix™ from the US stores:
  • bricklink: Keep in mind that import custom duties, handling fees and taxes are not included in the item and shipping price and are the responsibility of the buyer. Depending on your country, they can add up to a 50% price increase. We cannot impact custom delays or fees.
  • ebay: We're in ebay's global shipping program. That implies that if you purchase 4DBrix™ products on your local ebay website, ebay will provide the total price: product cost, shipping cost, customs and handling fees. If you're purchasing multiple sets, shipping and handling fees can be reduced by combining your order into one item. Let us know what you want and we'll make a custom item for you in our ebay store to minimize the shipping and handling fees.

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