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4DBrix 3D Printed LEGO Accessories
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4DBrix nControl LEGO train and monorail track planner and layout control software
4DBrix 3D Printed LEGO Accessories The train automation system is out!
Automate your train track switches from your computer with the easy to use 4DBrix system: 1 Controller + usb cable + up to 4 Motors + our free nControl software. The first batch of 3D printed Quad Switch Controllers and Track Switch Motors is ready to ship! The updated 2017 version of nControl supports connecting to the controllers. For now compatible only with Windows (MacOS version in progress).
So everything is there to automate your train layout! Contact us if you're interested in purchasing a system. We have not forgotten the monorail: the monorail automation system will follow soon.
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4DBrix LEGO 3D printed monorail Train Automation System
Track Switch Motors
The track switch motors (left or right) are designed for the LEGO® RC/PF and 9V track switches. The motors are powerful enough that they don't require any modification of the switch - just remove the yellow lever, put the motor on the switch and you're ready to go! You can use these motors with our Quad Switch Controller or with your own DIY Arduino based control system.
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Quad Switch Controller
This controller enables you to actuate up to 4 track switch motors. All are in Dark Bluish Gray. The controller is intended to be used in combination with the free nControl train automation software. nControl can handle multiple controllers simultaneously. The number of controllers you can use is only limited by the number of USB devices that a computer can handle, which is 127.
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4DBrix 3D Printed LEGO Accessories
Under Development: Level Crossing Barrier Motor
We are developing a servo motor to automate level crossing barriers. The goal is to have the motor as small as possible. We've managed to package as small servo into a 2x4x3 3d printed brick, which will be available in both dark bluish gray and black. The motor will have 8 studs on top to add warning lights or customize the look of the motor.

4DBrix LEGO 3D printed monorail Monorail Track Prototypes
Prototype of the 4DBrix cross track for LEGO monorail
Cross Track
A 4DBrix enthusiast came up with a clever idea for a monorail cross track: a crossing that does not require automation. He managed to build a fully functional prototype out of two broken short monorail tracks. It's a very intriguing design as it allows to create a fully autonomous monorail crossing. We developed a 3D printed version of this cross track which we are currently testing.
Prototype of 4DBrix track tiles for LEGO monorail
Monorail Track Tiles
A few AFOLs expressed their interest in a 'monorail track tile' to integrate monorail tracks into pavements, platforms, etc. We're looking into the feasibility of this concept. The main challenge is the adapter to connect the tile to the standard track. We created a 4x8 ramp to do so but it's a bit too short for a smooth transition, so we're going to redesign the adapter as a 4x16 ramp. Let us know what you think on Brickset Forum or Eurobricks.
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4DBrix 3D Printed LEGO Accessories 4DBrix Europe
Our European Bricklink store is nearly sold out. We are currently preparing a shipment to Europe to re-supply the store. We are committed to eventually provide the full range of 4DBrix products in our European store but this might take some time. If you would like to purchase a product that is not yet available in the European store, feel free to contact us and we'll add it to our next shipment.

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We are a micro business of AFOLs / 3D printing / Robotics professionals dedicated to serving the AFOL community. We create custom accessories for MOCs, we bring back parts that LEGO® no longer makes and we develop solutions for automation.
Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions, product suggestions or comments you may have. We're a community driven company, so your feedback is welcome!
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