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The Monorail is Back!
Have you ever ran out of straights to build your awesome Monorail layout? Wished you could build a longer train to fit your MOC containers? Or simply have more track flexibility and options? How about being able to control multiple switches without leaving your chair? Those are affordable solutions we can bring thanks to 3D printing technology. And we are starting with the Monorail, because, well, we think it is one of the best train sets ever created and felt it was time to bring it back!
Our Monorail Products
Straight Monorail Tracks
Now you can go the extra mile - literally. Our tracks are fully compatible and in the original gray.
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Custom Extension Car
With this car it is possible to extend your standard 2-car monorail train to a 3-car, 4-car, 5-car, ... train.
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Custom Motor Cover
It doesn't get any better than this - a fully customizable motor cover for your awesome creation.
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Watch the Futuron train on the 4DBrix monorail tracks

Under Development
Our ambitions reach beyond 3D printing out-of-production LEGO® bricks. We're creating a product range to fully automate your train and monorail layouts. One of the products that we're currently working on is a customizable train traffic light. The light contains two ultra-bright white LEDs. The cover has two hollow studs where you can add one-stud LEGO® bricks to give the light your desired colors and look. Check out our website for additonal train automation accessories that we're developing.

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About 3D printing
Imagine a regular printer except that the ink is plastic and the printer can print in height, layer by layer. The main talent for a good 3D print resides in being able to draw precise designs in 3D that the machine can actually print, mastering the process for consistency and tolerances and developing a post-process to improve the overall look. The main drawback is that it still takes a very, very long time to print. A full straight monorail track takes almost 6 hours to print!
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Will the color match my original monorails?
Yes, our supplier recreated the original color based on the 'classic light grey' color code. Due to the 3D printing technology, it is less glossy. Also, classsic light gray LEGO® pieces are notorious for yellowing or discoloring over time - so you may want to clean your original pieces by first brushing with a soft soap them and then immersing them in Peroxide Hydroxide and put them in the sun for a couple of hours.
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Georges Bernard Shaw

We are a micro business of AFOLs / 3D printing / Robotics professionals dedicated to serving the AFOL community. We bring back parts that LEGO® no longer makes, we create custom accessories for MOCs and we develop solutions for automation (coming soon!).
Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions, product suggestions or comments you may have. We're a community driven company, so your feedback is welcome!
LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse our products.
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