Do the 4DBrix™ monorails connect to my LEGO® rails?
Yes, although they have connectors that look slightly different, they are fully compatible. We developped a new connection for the stanchions that is optimized for 3D printing. Our trademark connection system connects to the monorail stanchions and standard LEGO® studs. All products are designed with a connector pattern that makes them fully compatible with the orginal LEGO® monorail system.

Is the material different from what LEGO uses?
No, we use the same material: ABS.

Will the color match my original monorails?
Yes, our supplier recreated the original color based on the 'classic light grey' color code. Due to the 3D printing technology, it is less glossy. Also, classsic light gray LEGO® pieces are notorious for yellowing or discoloring over time – so you may want to clean your original pieces by first brushing with a soft soap them and then immersing them in Peroxide Hydroxide and put them in the sun for a couple of hours.

Are the rails identical to my original monorails?
No, they are fully compatible but not identical. The most visible difference between the original tracks and our 3D printed tracks is the back side. The back of the monorail tracks looks very different as we designed it in a way that optimizes the 3D printing quality. Our tracks are 3D printed, when you look closely, you will see lines from the layering from 3D Printing. One of our users called it 'real life concrete cast lines'.

How does the quality compare to LEGO?
Our manufacturing process is different but we strive for the same high quality as LEGO®. You will find that the monorails are actually sturdier thanks to the closed back side. We use top of the range FDM 3D printers and materials and our products are durable and reliable.