3D Printing
Imagine a regular printer except that the ink is plastic and the printer can print in height. The main talent resides in being able to draw precise designs in 3D that the machine can actually print. The main drawback is that it still takes a very, very long time to print.

3D printers have evolved at a remarkably rapid pace in recent years and we went from being able to make rough designs in off-white less than 5 years ago to making prints in many materials and custom colors that look and feel more like manufactured products. You may have read that 3D printing is predicted to change the future of manufacturing. Well, we are it - we are among the pioneers of 3D printing small batch manufacturing.

No two printers are created equal though so we had to test a few top of the range 3D printers to select those that can do the best job for each product – whether it is dimensional accuracy, material specifications, surface texture or functionality. We use only high quality ABS filament made in the USA.

3D printing is a process that works by laying down many successive thin layers of material. As a consequence, thin lines are visible when looking closely and it does not have the same glossy effect as injection molding - even though we use the same ABS material. Please refer to the pictures for the overall effect. Each product is made individually and we inspect each one for defects. You can expect slight visual variations from piece to piece, this is normal. We stand for quality, so should a product not be functional as expected, we will be happy to replace it.