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What's New in nControl™ 2019.2
Track Planner
  • New Parts:
    • Adding the curved divergent tracks: track #52 and #53
    • Adding the triple crossover intersection: track #47
    • Adding the wye switch track with ground throw on the left: track #51
    • Adding the switch tracks with short ground throw mechanisms: track #18S and #21S
    • Adding LEGO® coaster tracks: full straight (16 studs), half straight (8 studs) and curve (90 degrees)
    • Adding sub categories of train track in the segment selection panel.
  • New Layouts:
    • Adding the double crossover with all ground throws on the inside: set 210.3
    • Adding the triple crossover: set 219.1
  • Track Segment Manipulation:
    • Various small fixes
  • Track Switch Tile:
    • Fix: the divergent track now again moves in sync with the switch track then the switch is changed
  • All Tiles:
    • Adding the Python library 'random' to the custom script engine of the tiles
  • Train Control Tile:
    • Adding scripting capabilities for the Activation, Deactivation, MouseClick and MQTT Message events
    • The tile now checks if the required WiFi controller or PU hub is connected to nControl. If not, a warning message is shown.