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LEGO® Train Automation Course
This course discusses a series of projects that focus on writing custom Python™ code to automate your LEGO® train layouts with our 4DBrix™ devices and nControl™ software.
This course does not require any programming experience. We'll start easy and teach you the basics of the Python™ programming language as we go though the various automation scenarios. It is, however, assumed that you are familiar with the basics of nControl™ and know how to create tiles and connect devices. If you're not, it's advised to first go through a number of Getting Started tutorials on setting up automation systems in nControl™.
There are two ways to use this course:
  • to learn how to automate your LEGO® train layouts with our automation system.
  • to learn how to program in Python™ while having fun with your LEGO® trains.
We hope you enjoy this course!
Newbie Projects
Advanced Projects