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Linking nControl to Your 4DBrix Account
For nControl™ 2018.0 or higher
This page explains how to link nControl to your 4DBrix account. By doing so you can generate web interfaces that will allow you to control your layout with mobile devices. You can also upload and download nControl projects to/from your account; this makes it easy to exchange projects between different computers.
Creating your 4DBrix account
This step explains how to create your 4DBrix account. If you already have an account in our US web store, you can skip this step.
To create your account, go to the 4DBrix website. Scroll down to the footer and choose Control Panel in the Account column. Then click on the Sign Up button. Or you can just click here to go directly to the sign up page.

Enter your First Name, Last Name, E-Mail address, Country and Password. Accept the Privacy Policy and click the Continue button to create your account.
Linking nControl to your account
Launch nControl and choose Edit > Settings in the main menu. This will open the nControl Settings dialog box. Select the Account page and enter your account E-Mail address and Password. Click the OK button to save the data.

That's it!
You're all set to start using web interfaces to control your layout with mobile devices or exchanging nControl projects between different computers.