The decoupler track is designed to decouple cars from LEGO® trains. When the decoupler is open the cars can pass; when it's closed the claws of the decoupler block the wheels of the first car and the train leaves without the cars. 

  • compatible the PF track.
  • decouples cars by blocking the wheels
  • has an integrated servo motor to open / close
  • has an integrated sensor to detect the magnets in the train coupling.  This help to position the train on the decoupler.
  • has a mechanical safety to protect the motor in case the train wheel block the claw when closing
  • 3D printed in Dark Bluish Gray that matches the color of PF tracks
  • anti studded where possbile
  • works with LEGO® train sets: 60198, 60197, 60052, 60051, 7938, 3677, ...

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